Bartender Rules and Reminders

1. Do what you can to make guests happy, within the limits of decency, legality, honesty and this profession at all times.
2. It is NOT EVER your party, booze, liquor, or your bar...
3. The bar is a fishbowl, maintain professionalism.
4. Never become too intimate with the bar patrons.
5. Educate yourself on what the bar serves and why, and what it DOES NOT serve.
6. Practice, practice, practice. Great drinks are made by knowing all the details.
7. Become an expert at cash and PROPER credit card handling.
8. Bartending is continuous, you never sweat the small tips, or COMPLAIN to ANYONE about the bad ones.
9. Dress and act the part of the professional mixologist you are!
10. Learn how to manage the environment to appeal to patrons, such as when to lower the air conditioning, raise the rooms temperature, or change the music.
11. Practice bantering with guests, have a couple of jokes ready and acknowledge everyone. Guests always appreciate this level of service.
12. Always maintain a clean and orderly bar area!
13. Keep your personal hygiene clean. NEVER touch your face, hair, or other parts of your body, and BE SEEN washing your hands and cleaning!
14. OBEY, UNDERSTAND, and ENFORCE EVERY Ohio Department of Liquor Control Rule and Regulation...
17. NEVER DRINK BEHIND THE BAR, and never do a drink or shot with a patron!
18. If you dont like it where you currently are, a bar someplace else will hire you IF you are so GREAT... SO? 2 weeks notice and QUIT.