We wanted to inform you of a fun and successful way you can raise money for your charity or non-profit group.

Here at the Pod we are now holding and booking guest celebrity bartender nights... where one to three individuals from your organization can be guest bartenders for the evening! You can even have a special 'Celebrity Cooking' menu too!

As you may already know, many other charities have held successful fundraisers using guest bartenders.

We can assure you that this is an exciting way to raise money for your charity and will be a big hit with your members, and help spread the word about your groups efforts to the general public at large.

The way the fundraising works is that you invite people you know or who contribute to your charity to your guest bartender night at our establishment.

A 100 or other percentage of the tips and a generous percent of all sales made by your guest bartenders will be donated to your charity!

Don't worry - your guest bartenders do not need to know how to bartend. They will be helped out by our staff of bartenders who will make the more difficult cocktails and handle the cash register. Your guest bartenders can assist in serving beer, food, wine, etc.

We have many mocktails, coffee offerings and other non-alcoholic beverages available for your invited guests, PLUS FOOD,to purchase as well!

To learn more about this exciting fundraising opportunity, and what it entails, or to schedule a day and time for your guest bartender fundraising at the Pod, email us at!


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